Moolmanshoek Leadership Development Centre


Want to be an Intern at Moolmanshoek LDC?  Our reason why…

The word ‘Intern’ can mean many things. In some organisations, it means to come and do all the odd jobs that our staff are too busy to do, help out, etc. At Moolmanshoek LDC we see this very differently. Mentoring the Interns is our ministry. We believe that the interns can only give to the campers and guests after they have been discipled and filled by the Word of God. Therefore, our primary goal with our interns is to see intense growth in their spiritual lives and from there watch how they are able to love and serve those around them.

Rather than simply assist our other staff, interns essentially are the staff team for their time here. Each incoming group of interns steps up under the mantle of responsibility for this ministry, taking the place of the interns that have gone before them. They serve as the front line in every aspect of operations and ministry at Moolmanshoek LDC including cleaning, housekeeping and food preparation. The interns learn to plan and run small group activities and devotions for our camps and have an opportunity for outreach ministry to all other guests visiting Moolmanshoek LDC. For many, this is a journey of healing, wholeness & restoration. For some, their time as an intern at Moolmanshoek LDC is a time to invest in their passion for camping and develop skills needed for their future. For others, it is not only that, but it’s a time to put life as they know it on hold and give everything to God. The interns give God the opportunity to shape and mould their lives into His perfect plan for them and to break up the hard ground of their hearts and really begin their walk with God. In every relationship, one is the source of influence and the other the one being influenced, whether negatively or positively. Our interns typically leave here with a deep sense of who they are in Christ and go back into those key relationships as a powerful influencer, rather than drifting in and out of the abundant negative influences in our world today. The interns are no longer drawn to compromise to stay popular, which is most often a symptom of a lack of truly knowing and owning their identity in Christ.


Applications are open to anyone age 18 to 30 from any country. Good health and reasonable physical fitness are necessary as the internships are physically demanding. Proficiency in both reading and speaking English is required.

When do the semesters start & end?

Our semesters start in January and August each year. They run for approximately 17 to 18 weeks (roughly 4 1/2 months).

Can I do more than one semester?

Both semesters are very similar and so are designed to be done only once.

How many?

We typically only take 6 to 8 interns each semester. As a team here at Moolmanshoek LDC, we carefully pray about each applicant before making a placement offer. Our intention is to keep the number of interns small so that we can mentor and disciple more thoroughly and engage in the life of the intern on a deeper level. Our aim is to get to know YOU and journey alongside you for this time. It is one of our greatest honours and joys to be part of each intern’s life and watch the Lord work through them.

Where do we live?

All interns live on site in comfortable staff housing, typically with two or more interns sharing each room. Separate accommodation is provided for male and female interns. We may have some limited facilities available for young married couples.

What’s available to do in our free time?

Living at Moolmanshoek LDC is like living in a national park, surrounded by thousands of hectares of private game reserve with an abundance of native animals and birds all around.

There are over 40kms of hiking trails on our property.

We have one swimming dam, an abseil site with a daunting ladder, a high ropes course with a foefie slide (zip line), volleyball, and are currently making plans to open a cosy coffee shop with a great selection of books to read.


Food is a signature item at Moolmanshoek LDC. Every time we cook for camps, we take careful consideration to make sure that each meal is prepared fresh from scratch with generous portions and plenty of healthy options. We supplement many of our meals with homegrown fresh herbs and cultivate some of our own vegetables.

When camps are here at Moolmanshoek LDC, the Interns eat with the campers and staff after helping prepare the meal. We usually have our camp meals outside in our big outdoor lapa, weather permitting. Eating with campers offers the interns the opportunity to get to know the campers on a more intimate level, and to share what God has been speaking to the interns. We highly encourage interns to take advantage of this opportunity to pour into the lives of those around them and impact the campers.

When no camps are in, breakfast and lunch are typically self-serve. Dinner is cooked by our chef for interns and staff with the interns helping as needed.

We eat dinner together every night around a big communal meal table with interns, staff and any guests that may be visiting


We raise funds through our camping ministry and the intern’s hard work throughout the year to subsidise the intern cost. Our strategic intent is to keep fees as affordable as possible without sacrificing the high quality and impact the program continues to have.

Internship cost is just R28 980 for 18 weeks. Around R230 per day all-inclusive

Prices are in South African Rand and include all meals, accommodation, transport including transfers from and to Oliver Tambo International airport, utilities, tuition and course materials.

Additional Expenses:

Airfare to/from Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg (if you live elsewhere in South Africa or overseas) R1500 (or more if you are willing) contribution to the Intern Sponsorship Fund Money to live on for a week or more during mid-semester break (unless you have family or friends in South Africa to stay with). Economical options are available for those with limited finances – for example interns sometimes road trip together, stay at other Christian camps or stay with families from church groups that come to Moolmanshoek LDC regularly. Some spending money for personal items, souvenirs, etc

International interns: please see “international interns” tab for additional costs.

‘Pay as you go’ option

The internship fees above are assuming payment in full prior to the start of your semester.

There is an option to pay as you go (subject to the approval of a mutually agreed payment plan) for an extra 12% (ex: R32 460 instead of R28 980). Payment plans are typically the total amount due divided into equal monthly payments throughout the semester.


Some limited sponsorship funds may be available to assist those families with severe financial difficulties after fundraising is done through their local church and family members.

Applicants who believe they really need to be here as an Intern may apply as a step of faith, regardless of their financial situation or the affordability of fees. In that case, please indicate on the application form that you are yet to raise funds and may not be able to immediately accept a position if one is offered.

We are modelling our Intern program after the Intern program of Attunga Camp in Australia. Our friends in Attunga have seen over the years that more than 70% of all their past interns have come from outside Australia. We believe in the benefits of cross-cultural ministry training and warmly welcome applicants from other countries.

Additional costs

International interns also need to budget $600 to $800 for :

South African visa application fees (typically in the range of R2000-R3000). Travel and emergency medical insurance (typically under R4000-R5000 to cover your trip and 4 1/2 month stay in South Africa).

The Internship fees per semester (paid up front) is R28 980 (South African Rand).

South African Visas

Please contact your closest South African Embassy or Consulate for information regarding the necessary visa paperwork.

We strongly recommend that you start your visa application process as soon as you are accepted into the program to ensure on-time arrival.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any paperwork needs or questions.

Taste of South Africa

As an intern, you’ll also be part of the Taste of South Africa tour in your semester so you’ll get to see and experience some of the best tourist spots and breath-taking scenery in this part of South Africa.

Total Cost Example in US dollars

As an example, here are the various costs totalled, then converted to US dollars.

$2,950 internship fees $395 Taste of South Africa contribution $150 Sponsorship fund contribution (optional) $300 South African Visa (could be another $100 or more depending on specifics) $400 Travel and Emergency medical insurance (could be up to $200 more or less depending on your insurer and what coverage you choose).

The total amount in US dollars would be USD $4,195.

*Please note: fees are subject to the varying exchange rate.

Never the Same

No two semesters are identical, just as no two interns are the same. Our aim is to create a framework for the Intern program that allows for the interns to grow spiritually, utilize their strengths, and further improve their weaknesses. We ask that interns remain open and flexible to what each day holds, and remain eager to grow. We believe the Lord with tailor each semester specifically for each intern in attendance.