The World Needs a Father

World needs a father

Here at Moolmanshoek LDC, we are certainly passionate about the youth, but we are also just as passionate about reaching men and women. We have several options for adults who wish to gain knowledge and a fresh outlook on life through the camps we offer. For men, we offer camps presenting “The World Needs a Father” material. This is a ministry that we at Moolmanshoek are incredibly passionate about and see a need for fathers to rise up in our world today. For men interested, we offer three different levels of training. We offer “Dad’s Talks”, Fatherhood facilitator, and we help with Master Mentor training.

We also offer Wild at Heart camps, where we rediscover the heart of men and the privilege of responsibility. These camps are offered for groups of 12 men at a time to best facilitate the deep level of learning and understanding needed for these topics. We have found that men who come with the intention to grow, leave Moolmanshoek LDC changed. For women, we offer Mother’s Design camps. It is here that we discover together the God-given design for motherhood and the impact it has on our husbands, children and world.