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We believe taking care of creation should be important to all people. We live on a privileged planet and practicing creation care is one of the ways to show our love toward our Heavenly Father.
During an outdoor education camp we try and spend as much time in the outdoors to create as many as possible learning activities. One such activity is to share the fundamentals of Farming God’s way and teaching children how to plant and grow their own vegetable gardens. We are hoping they will realize that with a little bit of sweat and dedication, one can produce healthy, wholesome and cheap veggies. Now we just need some help in how to get them eating it😀

Veld school activities

Field school

Veld School activities

1. Plant Identification/Verstaan jou omgewing

We teach what plants are safe & dangerous ……..

2. Direction

We teach how to navigate via sun and stars.

3. Shelter

We teach how to find shelter. How to build shelter from basic materials

4. Survival

We teach basics of survival in the veld

Veld school core values

veld school

Characteristics of a good leader

1.Positive self esteem

2.Communication Capabilities

3.Personality evaluation

4.Organize your time.

5.Planning for the future

6.Conflict resolution

7. Stress management

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