Family Holiday On Moolmanshoek: Embracing South African Traditions With Our American Guests


Introduction: We recently had the pleasure of hosting Kyle and Marybeth Jackson, Sean and Linette Sheridan, and Kristian and Brandy Anderson from America on a memorable family holiday at Moolmanshoek. Our time together was filled with incredible experiences, and we were thrilled to introduce our American friends to the rich traditions and warm hospitality of South Africa. Join us as we share the highlights of our adventure-packed days and heartwarming evenings.

Potjiekos: A Taste of South African flavours, One evening we gathered around a crackling fire, captivated by the aroma of Potjiekos, a traditional South African stew cooked in a cast-iron pot. The enticing scents wafted through the air, mingling with the sound of laughter and animated conversations. As we savored each mouthful, the flavors of the Potjiekos transported us into the heart of South African cuisine. Sharing this meal created a sense of camaraderie and cultural exchange that will forever be etched in our memories.

High Ropes: Thrilling Adventures and Bonding Moments Our days were filled with adrenaline-fueled activities, and one standout experience was the high ropes course. Together with Kyle, Marybeth, Sean, Linette, Kristian, Brandy, and the rest of our group, we navigated through a series of challenging obstacles suspended high above the ground. The shared excitement, encouragement, and triumphs brought us closer together, fostering a strong sense of unity and friendship.


Sundowners Horseback Ride: Unforgettable Moments in Nature’s Embrace As the sun began its descent, we embarked on a magical horseback ride through the stunning landscapes of Moolmanshoek. The serene beauty of the surroundings, coupled with the rhythmic sound of hooves, enveloped us in a sense of tranquility. With each gentle stride, we felt a deeper connection to nature and to the horses that gracefully carried us. As the sun painted the sky with vibrant hues, we raised our glasses to toast the breathtaking sunset, a moment of pure bliss that will forever remain in our hearts.

Celebrating Birthdays with Cake: Sweet Moments of Joy During our time together, we had the joyous opportunity to celebrate birthdays amidst the enchanting beauty of Moolmanshoek. As we gathered around, laughter filled the air, and the room sparkled with anticipation. With candles aglow, we presented a delicious cake, adorned with heartfelt wishes and the spirit of celebration. The simple act of sharing cake symbolized the bonds we had formed and the love we had for one another. It was a moment of pure joy and a testament to the warmth and closeness we experienced during our family holiday.


Conclusion: To our dear American guests, Kyle, Marybeth, Sean, Linette, Kristian, and Brandy, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this unforgettable family holiday at Moolmanshoek. Your presence added an extra layer of joy and friendship to our time together. We hope that the taste of Potjiekos, the thrill of the high ropes course, the beauty of the sundowners horseback ride, and the sweetness of celebrating birthdays with cake have left an indelible mark on your South African experience. May the memories we created together be cherished and serve as a reminder of the incredible bonds forged during our time at Moolmanshoek.


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