The Journey camp at Moolmanshoek


The Journey – Hosted at Moolmanshoek 19-21 May 2023

We recently had the privilege of hosting our second The Journey camp at Moolmanshoek. As we are involved in The World needs a Father and doing camps as part of our everyday life at Moolmanshoek LDC, hosting and helping to facilitate this camp, was a match made in heaven.

The Journey  flows out of the material that TWNAF is sharing in through this world wide movement. So many men have started to give time and passionately commit towards using this material in a meaningful way in their context and sphere of influence. One such are was where Dad’s realised their young son’s also need to grasp this material at the earliest possible age. And so, The Journey was born.

The beauty of this process is that it takes fathers and sons on an intentional journey for at least 12 weeks. Dad’s are taken through the Dad’s Talk content and the sons through phase appropriate content on what it is to be a man. There is many moments that are created to bring the hearts of the father’s and the son’s together, creating conversations and memories to reshape and bless these precious relationships. The culmination of the process is, or was the camp we hosted at Moolmanshoek. Again, there were many moments that stretched and equipped the young men for the journey that awaits, but also some very special symbolic moments that can teach and help us to reflect back on when back home again.

The highlight of the camp is a Rite of Passage ceremony that affirms these young men and encourages to see themselves especially as their Heavenly Father sees them. This is a very special moment that we feel so humbled to share and help create for the fathers and sons. After this special moment and a hearty breakfast the men, fathers and sons travel back home where the last moment awaits. A celebration ceremony with the Wifes/Moms and extended family is held and creates such a wonderful opportunity to conclude this very special Journey.

What a joy to serve these men on this very special quest, and also to share the joy of outdoor adventure through Moolmanshoek LDC.


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