Moolmanshoek Leadership Camps


Moolmanshoek Leadership Camps


At Moolmanshoek LDC we summarise leadership with the following:  “Leadership is Influence”.  At all our leadership camps our aim remains to equip leaders that attend our camps with new experiences, skills and or knowledge that will enable them  to be a sustainable positive influence. We believe the temporary community that camps offer, away from everyday life in a pristine natural setting is a wonderful vehicle that allows us insight into the lives of our campers but also in itself create many teachable moments for personal growth.  It remains our goal to equip teams/groups that attend our Leadership camps, not only for the immediate, but rather beyond that to all the positions of influence they may serve in, during the coming years.  It is our prayer that the lessons learnt and experienced, will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Several of our campers comment on the challenging nature of our activities that make them dig deep within for inner resolve and mental strength allowing them to complete experiences that are often outside their comfort zones.


Good self-esteem is essential for any child’s development and growth.  Everybody carries forward some kind of effects left by childhood trauma.  These play out in different ways.  Our intention is to draw our campers attention to this and help them understand the responsibility each of us have, to assure not only our spiritual, but also our mental and physical well-being.  Making new friends and sharing in new adventures often times accelerate new bonds of friendship.  We are convinced that camping is an enabler of good self esteem and it is our goal to build up campers that attend our camps.


One should never forget that these camps are producing the next generation of world leaders. During the teenager years, children live through an optimal time to develop Emotional Intelligence (16-18 years of age).  Most of this will happen in groups of people where they have to manage their own and other people’s emotions.  We are convinced that the camp setting and camp activities are hugely beneficial in the development of EQ.  Something that everyone should always try and grow and improve, but even more so in the teenage years.  We love helping our campers walk through this crucial part of their development.  This occurs when your child learns how to function within the constraints of a team by developing strong leadership skills and mental processes.


Our leadership camps will ask your child to step outside of their comfort zone in order to challenge themselves within a safe environment. They will have to fight urges to give up in some difficulties.  Our motto is “challenge by choice”, with a “but please just try”, thrown in.  We love to come alongside any of our campers to guide them through these moments in order for them to create a new positive mental memory that can be used in future similar situations.


Please contact us so that we can make the joy of outdoor adventure camping part of your leadership process


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